Why Do Some Wives Deny Their Husbands Sex?

When they got married, Susan loved her husband so much that they used to enjoy having sex almost every night. Three months later, she started looking for every excuse to deny him sex. It was like an automobile in need of new spares and a new start.

Common reasons behind wives denying husbands sex
This problem is not unique to certain parts of the world. It is everywhere, the only difference is that, in some areas it is more prevalent. Some of the commonest reasons for this behavior include;

  1. Unresolved issues at home: Most women who deny their husbands sex complain about the many problems that remain unresolved in their marriage.
  2. Poor or no communication: Instead of having a free flow of healthy and loving communication, most partners keep serious matters to themselves and end up invoking quarrels instead of communicating.
  3. Punishing the husband: Some women use sex denying husbands complain about as a weapon to punish them for the mistakes and wrongs committed.  
  4. Exercising dominance over husbands: When a husband is denied sex, some wives take it that his begging for it makes them wield power and authority over husbands. 
  5. Rushing through the act: Most men don't understand the principle of 'kiss' (keep it slow & sexy). They rush to penetrative sex before their wives' bodies are ready for it. This results in painful sex.
  6. Lack of adequate foreplay: Men easily get excited and ready for sex than women. Therefore, a wife needs more time through foreplay. Most husbands fail to recognize this fact. 
  7. Lack of respect for the marriage: Women who believe that marriage is just a by the way institution usually find it easy to deny their husbands sex as to them it is not even important anyway.
  8. Medical conditions: Genuinely, some have serious medical issues that cause them to do this. 
Solutions for loving husbands
If you have gone through this for many years. Please starting an affair is not going to fill the void you feel when you are denied sex by your wife. As long as you remain married to her, your conscience will trouble you for a long time when you take that step. Therefore, this is the time you need to remember even some tactics you use when resolving serious issues with your online employer. Look at yourself and find out how you are contributing to the problem. Ask her to tell you honestly. Be ready to implement workable suggestions she may bring up.
Remember even the secret to having a high traffic website: you need to listen. Similarly, listen to your wife when she complains. Listen more and as you communicate, talk to her heart not her ears because you would be screaming by then. When you listen to her more and treat her like the queen she is, she won't even attempt to yield dominance over you.
Now, just like the spares of a car, you need to follow the rules to get maximum performance. Therefore, do not rush your wife through the sex act. Arrange for more foreplay. Take things even as slow and sexy as she desires. In the end, let her give you the feedback. Improve in areas she keeps complaining about. Agree about the desired frequency of having sex so that she is mentally ready.

Don't rush to the wrong conclusions prematurely.
You may apply all the above suggestions but nothing works out - your wife continues denying you sex. This is no time to start biding with wrong figures. If she is unwell or there is some genuine reason, listen, understand and control yourself. But if the situation has just been aggravated, you need to be patient and take your time to apply every corrective step available to you.


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